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The Best Gelato in Split

There’s ice cream to be found everywhere in Split, from mass-produced to artisanal. Here’s our pick for the best gelato joints in the city.

Croatia’s Jewish Heritage Sites

Croatia’s religious landscape is overwhelmingly dominated by Roman Catholicism but the territory of Croatia has long been home to adherents of Judaism. While the Jewish population of Croatia was much smaller, at just 25,000, than countries like Germany with half a million or Czechoslovakia with around 350,000, Jewish communities had … Read More

Croatia’s Coastline From The Air

We had the (mis?) fortune on a recent flight back from Split to have our flight make an additional stop in Dubrovnik. Having a window seat on the left hand side of the plane allowed me to snap a few shots, using an iPhone, of the Croatian coast from above on a beautifully clear day. Here are the photos…

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This image shows a small boat in the calm sea, with a red-rooftoped town in the background.

The Best Beaches in Trogir

With love from our local experts to you, here’s a list of the best beaches in Trogir, a UNESCO-listed city, just a 30-minute drive from Split. Apart from featuring some of the best beaches in Croatia, Trogir is a city museum in every sense of the word. For more than … Read More

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