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Popular European Trip Ideas and Combinations

We cover more than 30 countries in Europe and while you could happily spend several weeks exploring any one of them, part of the attraction of traveling to Europe is visiting two or more neighboring countries in one trip. This is one of our specialties. When you have JayWay to take care of the logistics, everything is much easier. This page is a jumping-off point to explore our suggested European itineraries by region or based on the most popular combinations of two or more countries. On each page in this section, you’ll find sample itineraries, reviews from guests who’ve traveled there recently with us, and answers to frequently asked questions about trips that combine those particular destinations.

Discover Europe, One Region at a Time

Exploring a whole region of Europe is a great way to get deep into the history of the area, hear all the sides to a story, and see how cuisines morph from one to the other as you cross borders.

The Adriatic

Explore all around the Adriatic Sea: Albania, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Slovenia.

Central Europe

Explore the magnificent cities and scenic small towns of Central Europe.

Eastern Europe

Venture east down paths less traveled, from mighty cities to storied castles.

The Balkans

A lifetime's worth of travel in Southeastern Europe.

The Caucasus

Explore the far edge of Europe: Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan.

The Baltic States

See where North meets East with a trip to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Popular Multi-Country Combinations

Fish and white wine, PB & J. Some things just go together. When you’re talking about travel, proximity certainly comes into it, but by visiting two or more countries in one trip you’ll get to experience the contrasts, the similarities, and the idiosyncrasies. Here are some of the most popular pairings and trios that we put together for our guests.

France & Benelux

Discover the delicious, and historical, gems of Northern Europe.

Italy & Greece

Explore some of Europe's most iconic vacation destinations.

Italy & Croatia

See both sides of the Adriatic on a tour of Croatia and Italy.

Greece & Turkey

Uncover centuries of shared history in the Mediterranean

Prague, Vienna & Budapest

Classic Central European route combining Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Croatia & Slovenia

Discover a diverse, and delectable place where Central & Southern Europe meet.

Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Alps, lakes, beer, chocolate, and history await when you explore this trio.

Italy & Switzerland

Two countries rich in traditions, lakes, and mountains. And of course cheese.

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