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What to Pack for Prague

The temperature in Prague varies between -15 celcius (5 Farenheit) and 35 celcius (95 F) so it’s handy to know what to pack for your trip. Fortunately the seasons here are very consistent (unlike my homeland, England, where the only reliable aspect of the weather is that it will rain). … Read More

Ever Been to an Opera?

It’s something that we may mean to do but rarely get the chance, because of expense or timing, but seeing an opera in one of Europe’s grand opera houses is an experience well worth having. And in Prague you can have that experience for just a few dollars, so it’s … Read More

Ten Taxi Tips for Prague

UPDATED Feb 14, 2012 Such is Prague’s notoriety for rip-off taxi drivers that Prague’s City Council have in recent years been getting tougher on them; the mayor himself going undercover posing as an English-speaking tourist to catch out offenders. Whilst things have improved with the introduction of the Fair Place … Read More

Top 10 Sights in Prague

Everyone has a different idea of the must-see sights in a city and we’ve tried make our top ten a mix of the popular choice with a couple of curve balls, favourites of ours that aren’t so busy and are a little off the beaten track. 1. Charles Bridge Often … Read More

Towering above Prague

One of the best ways to get a bird’s eye view is to go up one of the city’s many publicly accessible towers. Here’s our pick of three of them.

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