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How to Discover Nazi Munich

With its banks, factories and business centers, Munich may at first appear staid and stable. But the city has a volatile past, especially during the years when Hitler and his Nazi Party began their first violent grabs for power. From the beer halls where he gathered his supporters to the … Read More

Neuschwanstein Castle

Why You Should Visit Neuschwanstein Castle

For visitors to Germany who want to connect with the country’s imperial past, it’s hard to beat Neuschwanstein Castle. A short drive outside of Munich, this incredible castle is perched on a cliff high above a valley. The gorgeous rooms of the castle are enough of an attraction on their own, … Read More

Visiting BMW World, Museum and Plant

BMW is a big part of the post-war revitalization of Munich and a visit to BMW Welt, Museum and Plant is a great way to spend an afternoon in the city.

Isar River

A Walk along Munich’s Isar River

Munich is a city famous for its beerhalls, markets and vibrant urban atmosphere. But many visitors don’t realize that just beyond the cobblestones, Munich also offers beautiful natural landscapes. Munich’s Isar River runs practically through the center of the city and offers numerous diversions for travelers looking to trade the streets for … Read More

Where to Go in 2016?

It’s that time of year again, when thoughts turn to possible spring and summer vacation destinations. Travel journalists are particularly good at coming up with lists, so we’ve collated our own list-of-lists. For travellers who prefer to tread where none of your friends have ventured before, we’ve added our own suggestions for cities that … Read More

Kittens & Cappuccino: Central Europe’s Cat Cafes

One of the most intriguing destinations for European travel, Central Europe is very inviting for tourists looking for a combination of gorgeous cities, pristine nature, and delicious regional cuisine. But cities as far-flung as Vienna, Budapest and Tallinn are specifically inviting for cat lovers, as the phenomenon of cat cafes becomes increasingly popular. … Read More

Der Pschorr beerhall

3 Munich Beer Halls that Aren’t the Hofbräuhaus

Oktoberfest gets underway soon but you don’t need to confine your indulgence to just a one month period of drinking in tents. If you are a beer lover, or even just enjoy experiencing traditional atmospheres while travelling, visiting one of Munich’s many beer halls is a must. The most famous … Read More

European Fall Festival Guide 2015

Autumn is a gorgeous time to visit Europe. Crowds have thinned, sunny days are still a possibility, and the locals are back from their summer holidays, giving cities a more lived-in vibe. Plus, cultural calendars are bursting with events after the summer shutdown. Here’s a roundup of some of the … Read More

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