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Coronavirus Update

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Updated December 16th, 2020

In light of unprecedented travel restrictions and lockdowns, please see our advice below for guests who already have travel booked.

What’s the situation on the ground in Europe?

As the situation regarding in each country is continually changing we have prepared this page that as well as providing current COVID-19 case statistics, with a comparison to the situation in the US, also includes links to the US Embassy’s information for each country, and where available in English, the country’s own COVID-19 information hub.  Another good resource is this map by IATA to see all of the restrictions on one map. If you have a trip planned with us soon, our local staff in Europe will keep you updated with any measures you should be aware of.

When Will It Be Safe To Travel?

Our highest priority has been and remains the safety and well-being of our travelers and staff. During this global pandemic, JayWay Travel is not qualified to determine when a destination will be ‘safe to travel’, thus we must follow the guidelines of each country’s government officials who make this determination which is subject to change.

What If I Have A Reservation That I Am Thinking Of Canceling Or Postponing?

Since each trip contains different types of bookings and reservations, please contact your travel advisor if you are thinking of canceling or postponing and we will assist you as best we can.

What Happens To My Non-Refundable Deposit?

Please note that no refunds will be provided as your non-refundable deposit covers the weeks/months of JayWay Travel’s work that were invested in creating your fully customized itinerary as well as non-refundable charges, such as internal flights, booking guarantees, processing fees, conversion fees, exchange rate charges, services charges and other trip associated fees. For this reason, all deposit payments submitted by you to JayWay Travel acknowledge your acceptance of JayWay Travel’s terms and conditions.

At JayWay Travel, we understand that this global pandemic is challenging for everyone and we are doing everything in our power to offer the best possible solutions to our clients in these difficult times.  Due to the complexity and the unique nature of each trip, we must examine the possibility of postponing all services to a future date.  We will communicate the results of our efforts to you in writing.

Please note that a deposit payment may only be transferred as a deposit payment.  If a trip is shortened or the number of travelers is reduced for the rescheduled trip, this may alter the total package price of the trip.  Regardless of the change in the total trip package price, a deposit payment may not be used toward other payments of the trip.  

Why Is There A Deadline To Postponing My Trip?

Due to the rapidly changing situation, we have seen that suppliers are constantly re-assessing their policies on cancellation terms, rebooking fees, etc. based on up-to-date information, subject to each individual government decision. For this reason, any stated deadline complies with the terms which are given to us by third parties.

In case we fail to comply with the deadline date imposed by our partners, the trip status will be amended in the system after which new conditions will apply. With the improving situation in Europe we want to allow you to take advantage of the opportunity to postpone your trip at a maximum value while the option still exists

What Happens If My Flights Are Cancelled?

In the event that your airline cancels your flights, we will make every effort to transfer as much of your trip payment as possible to a travel credit for a future trip with us.

Please note that no reimbursements, discounts, or refunds will be issued for missed or unused services due to situations outside the control of JayWay Travel. This includes but not limited to force majeure situations, technical or mechanical failures, and flight cancellations.

What Are My Options For A Refund?

If your trip package start date is more than 30 days away and you have paid more than your non-refundable deposit, there is a possibility that some of the amounts above the non-refundable deposit can be refunded but this is always dependent on third party policies and will be calculated for you.

*This does not apply to groups and special event bookings.

How Does The Cancellation Process Work?

There is tremendous pressure on everyone working in the tourism industry at the moment, as a result, our response times have been impacted. To ensure that your requests are dealt with in a timely manner and not to leave you on hold for hours, our staff is available to take your calls and answer any questions, 7 days a week. 

Once we have received your request, our team will examine the available options with all the third parties involved to offer you the best possible solutions given the current situation. We will advise you accordingly and will elaborate on each given option. Once we have reached a common decision, we will communicate and outline the terms and conditions in a written format which will be treated as a binding agreement between you and JayWay Travel, honoring the rescheduled dates and reservations.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as our team works on each individual request. Should you require any further assistance, our team is at your service. You may reach us by phone on 800 344 5785 or e-mail by contacting your dedicated Sales representative at JayWay Travel.

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