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Flexible Booking Policy

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Applies to Bookings Made under our Flexible Booking Policy between April 1st 2021 and April 30th 2023.

Freedom to Travel When You’re Ready

At JayWay Travel, we understand that you want peace of mind and flexibility when planning your vacation.  Regardless of the situation, you are free to change your plans for any reason up to 31-days before your trip.  

This means you can book today knowing that you are able to change your plans due to any personal circumstances or preferences. You may then reschedule the trip at any time in the future, without an expiration date.  You can also decide to change your route or even your destination to any other JayWay Travel destination as well.  With over 30 countries on our map (and growing), you can take your pick!

Terms and conditions:

Forever Flexible Booking policy is applicable to new trips booked after April 1st, 2021 and before April 30th 2023. This policy does not apply to trips originally booked before this date and subsequently postponed. Requests to change your plans for free are possibly one time only, and must be made in writing at least 31 days before the start of your trip. Your rescheduled trip must be of equal or greater value than your original trip. Deposit payments can only be applied to the deposit for a new trip and may not be applied towards the final balance. Non-refundable exceptions to this policy will be specified to you by your travel advisor prior to booking. You will be responsible for these specified non-refundable reservations, which may include airfare and related fees, insurance, train and ferry tickets, non-refundable hotel reservations, non-refundable activity excursions/entry tickets, etc. Applicable price(s) of the rescheduled trip applies. All other standard terms and conditions will apply to the booking. Special terms may be subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time. This policy does not apply to trips originally booked before this date and subsequently postponed. 

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