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Right now non-EU residents can’t travel to European countries for tourism purposes. We expect announcements soon about when that will be possible..

When you can, and you’re ready to travel, we’re ready to make your trip amazing.

We’re tracking all the rules and recommendations across our map, which you can check here. Of course when you travel with us, our team in Europe will be making sure not only that you’re safe but also that you have a fantastic time.

On this page we’ve collected all the measures being taken to ensure your vacation is comfortable and enjoyable.

Please note that not all the measures apply to every country and are subject to change as governments adjust their regulations and guidance.

Airports and Planes

Most US airports are enforcing strict distancing rules particularly in check-in and passport control lines. Masks are usually required to be worn. At some airports basic health screening (temperature checks and asking about symptoms) may take place. In departure lounges, you may find some seats blocked off to maintain distance between passengers. Different airlines are instituting different policies regarding boarding, seating and deplaning. If you have concerns we recommend contacting your airline directly. Upon arriving in Europe you can expect similar measures.

Designing safe and comfortable vacations

After over a year cooped up at home, we all deserve a break, but staying healthy on your travels is a natural concern. Because all our trips are custom, we can take many steps to make sure your vacation is both safe and enjoyable. We can make it easier to avoid other travelers by creating your trip based on private transfers, tours, and excursions. Our skilled travel advisors along with our trip planners in Europe will craft the perfect itinerary for you, taking into account all your concerns and wishes.

We’ve been arranging private tours in Europe, which Forbes sees as the future of travel for the foreseeable future, for 15 years. However and wherever you want to travel, we’ll make all the arrangements for the dream vacation you deserve.

Our staff in Europe

Your designated tour manager’s primary concerns are your safety, comfort, and enjoyment. They’ll be in touch with you at least a month before you start your trip to answer any questions you may have. When you travel with us we’ll provide a local cellphone so we can be in touch regarding any urgent situations.


Old habits are hard to break, but for the time being, our local staff won’t be introducing themselves with a handshake. During your arrival meeting, our staff will observe recommended physical distancing guidelines.

Keeping you informed

We will keep you informed, both before and during your trip, if there are any changes in government guidelines (e.g. the relaxation or tightening of rules) at any of your destinations.

Your arrival pack

In addition to our traditional collection of useful items provided in your arrival pack (such as a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected local cellphone) we will add items recommended by the countries you visit.

Hand sanitizer

In case you’ve forgotten your own, we’ll include one pocket-sized bottle of antiviral hand sanitizer per traveler.

Face masks

We will provide you with a new surgical-standard mask for each day of your trip.


There are many temporary measures introduced by hotels as well as a heightened concentration on hygiene. In some cases this means the closure of some hotel facilities such as gyms or a change in how some services, such as breakfast, are provided. You will be informed of this as far in advance as possible, ideally before making your accommodation choices. Such restrictions may also be modified over time (usually being loosened).

Pre check-in

We will provide all necessary information ahead of time to our accommodation partners to minimize time spent checking in.


Breakfast buffets may be modified, with single-serving packaging, or replaced with a la carte. Tables will be spaced far enough apart to provide social distancing. Cutlery may be wrapped in plastic. In some hotels room service breakfast may be provided free of charge.

Hygiene measures

Hotels now have significantly heightened hygiene standards. Rooms will be carefully cleaned and antiviral cleaning products will be used. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed in public spaces. Bathroom towels may come wrapped in plastic.

Social distancing

Hotel staff will observe social distancing recommendations. Plexiglass partitions may be in place at reception and concierge desks.


With apartments, you’ll automatically have more privacy, so avoiding other guests isn’t an issue. Before you arrive your apartment will be thoroughly cleaned with extra attention paid to frequently touched objects such as door handles and light switches. Pre check-in and Contactless check-in will be arranged for you whenever possible.


As with our staff, drivers will no longer offer a handshake, greeting you instead with a friendly and respectful bow. You will be offered hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle.

Vehicle hygiene

All surfaces inside the car will be carefully cleaned after each ride.

Face mask

Your driver will wear a face mask at all times. If you are required to wear a mask as well, one will be provided.

Tour guides and activity partners

Spending hours with a private walking tour guide or activity instructor, as well as other travelers during group tours, could potentially cause situations of prolonged exposure. Many tours are outdoors, where the risk is minimal, but we still want to err on the side of caution. For this reason, there are additional measures in place for your safety and comfort.

Daily health check

Tour guides and instructors will check themselves regularly and report any symptoms to us. We will make alternate arrangements for your tour or activity if required.

Tour routes adjusted

For some tours adjustments may be made to the route to avoid crowded places. Indoor locations may be swapped for outdoor ones.

Limited group sizes

For most group tours, the maximum number of guests has been reduced, to allow for adequate distance to be maintained.

Limited entry to tourist sites

To avoid potential overcrowding many tourist sites are limiting the number of visitors. We recommend booking well in advance to avoid missing out.

Public Transport

Not all journeys can be made by private transfer. We will inform you of any hygiene, safety and social distancing measures in place for any public transport segments of your trip, such as trains or ferries. Masks are a common requirement and we will make sure you have sufficient masks available for your trip.

Pre-Departure COVID Test

Should it be required, we will make a reservation at an approved local facility to ensure that you can get a COVID-19 test before you return home, along with a certificate that will allow you to travel and re-enter your home country.

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