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Budapest’s Best Spas

No visit to Budapest is complete without a leisurely soak at one of the city’s legendary baths. Whether you’re going for a full range of massages and wellness treatments, or just stopping in for a steam and a quick dip, there are baths throughout the city designed in a wide range of … Read More

Karlovy Vary, Hotel Thermal Pool in foreground

Get out of Town: A Trip to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad in German, is the Czech Republic’s longest established spa town. It was founded by Charles IV, the over-achieving King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor who has a bridge named after him in Prague.


Practical Rainy Day Ideas for Prague

Last week we shared some tips for some cultural rainy days diversions in Prague. This week we turn to more practical matters – shopping, working out, and relaxing. Get the shopping done The past decade has seen a huge number of shopping malls built in the city and whilst there’s … Read More

Rainy Day ideas for Dubrovnik

We do everything we can to make your vacation in Dubrovnik go as smoothly as possible, but there’s one thing we definitely can’t control – the weather. So what is there to do in Dubrovnik on a rainy day? Day at the Museum Dubrovnik is well-stocked with museums such as … Read More

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