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Three vertical photos in one picture, taken from the 3 best viewpoints in Warsaw, Poland. The left photo shows the view from the bell tower of St. Anne's Church and includes a view of the Sigismund's Column with Old Town houses behind it. The middle photo shows Warsaw skyscrapers showered in golden light during sunset, taken from the observation platform of the Palace of Culture and Science. On the right, we see the Palace of Culture and Science itself in the evening light, as seen from the Panorama Sky Bar in the Marriott Hotel.

3 Best Views in Warsaw

Are you planning a trip to the Polish capital and wondering about the best views in Warsaw? We’ve got you covered! While traveling through European cities, you will find yourselves looking for spots with great views of breathtaking panoramas. But trying to find the ideal spot to take that perfect … Read More

Picture-Perfect Vilnius

Whether you’re looking for viewpoints to take a panorama or a cool backdrop for your next ‘gram, Vilnius has plenty.

Krakow’s Best Views

Take your pick of some of the very best views of Krakow, a consistent presence on many travel media must-visit lists.

Venetian view

Six Scenic Venetian Views

Venice is infamous for its crowds, which make getting the perfect shot difficult. So rise up and enjoy views of the city unencumbered by large tour groups and influencers taking selfies. Or wander to some lesser known areas popular with locals for their atmosphere and views. Fondaco dei Tedeschi Founded … Read More

Photo from the Grand Hotel Minerva:

Florentine Vistas: Florence’s Best Views

Florence is an undeniably scenic city, but the best way to get oriented is to find a good view. We asked local staff and guides for some favorite vistas. Below you’ll find a variety of places for photos and plotting, from rooftop bars to historic towers and gardens. SE·STO on … Read More

Vilnius Old Town from a hot air balloon

Views over Vilnius

Apart from the gradual slope from the Old Town area to Cathedral Square and the cone-shaped Castle Hill, Central Vilnius is rather flat, so it’s not hard to find places to get a panoramic view of the whole city. There are plenty of vantage points to choose from. Castle Hill … Read More

Dubrovnik old city from Minceta tower

The Best Views of Dubrovnik

Let’s face it, Dubrovnik’s old walled city is breathtaking from pretty much any angle but there are a few signature views of this jewel that stand out.

Lviv Town Hall Tower

Top 16 Things to Do in Lviv

The city feels like one big party. Our list of things to do in Lviv includes our favorite restaurants, galleries and cultural hotspots in this vibrant Ukrainian city. Let’s take a closer look at this quirky destination!

Towering above Prague

One of the best ways to get a bird’s eye view is to go up one of the city’s many publicly accessible towers. Here’s our pick of three of them.

Bird’s Eye Budapest

Janos Hill, One of the highest points in the Buda hills can be reached by chairlift. Take the 291 bus from Nugyati train station (where you’ll find possibly Europe’s most elegant McDonald’s) to the other end of the line at Zugliget. On the way up, as the chairlift whisks you … Read More

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