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5 Reasons to Go to Godollo, Hungary

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Visitors to Budapest shouldn’t miss out on Godollo, one of the best day trips from the Hungarian capital. This scenic little city was once the favorite country retreat of Queen Elisabeth and Franz Josef, and it still retains an air of royal dignity, making it well worth the short trip from Budapest. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite things to do in Godollo, Hungary.

The Royal Palace of Godollo

Godollo, Hungary
(Photo by Indafoto)

A favorite destination of Queen Elisabeth of Hungary, The Royal Palace of Godollo is both beautiful and historic. Constructed in the 18th century, it is one of the largest and most important palaces in the country. It has a unique “W” shape, and is surrounded by a scenic park. The palace hosts short-term exhibitions as well as a permanent collection, but even if you aren’t interested in exploring history, a walk through the gardens is a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

World Peace Gong

Godollo, Hungary
(Photo by Zizzi)

This is definitely one of the more unique things to see in Godollo. The World Peace Gong, a symbol of world peace, was created in Indonesia. They are present in several countries around the world, including Ukraine, China, India, Mozambique and Laos. It was given to Godollo as a gift and is still rung for special occasions.

Royal Waiting Hall

Godollo, Hungary
(Photo by oPPÁRÉ)

As the name suggests, the Royal Waiting Hall actually was the place where guests of the royal family (and the royal family themselves) used to wait in the olden days when traveling to and from the palace. Now it’s one of the most interesting buildings in the city and offers a very unique glimpse into the area’s royal past. The room with the yellow silk wall covering was Elisabeth’s and the green one with the statues of the royal couple was Franz Joseph’s.

Lazar Equestrian Park

Godollo, Hungary
(Photo by Lazar Equestrian Park)

The Lazar Equestrian Park is a resort nestled among the picturesque lakes of the Godollo Hills. It is a favorite destination for local and international tourists because it’s a striking place that offers a rich program of events. You can enjoy horse shows, medieval performances and even just a simple cookout or picnic. The surroundings are peaceful and beautiful, making this a great place for a quiet morning or afternoon.

University of Godollo

Godollo, Hungary
(Photo by VinceB)

The University of Godollo is very scenic and also features several unique statues and historic monuments, making it a great place to have a walk and look around. The campus is lovely and the buildings are interesting in their own right.

We’d love to help you plan your visit to Hungary. Please get in touch! We offer a group tour from Budapest to the Royal Palace of Godollo. but to see all of the above sites and make the most of your day, we can hire a private driver for you. 

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  1. As Hungary is always on my list, but I have sadly not explored hardly anything outside of Budapest, will be keeping this mind, if for just to bang the gong!


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