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Experience the Great Outdoors in Georgia

Considering its size (less than half the size of the US state of the same name) Georgia has enormous potential for outdoor activities. It attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and offers endless opportunities for any taste and preference. In this article, we would like to list … Read More

Tbilisi in 72 hours

Welcome to Tbilisi. You’ve probably heard about Georgia’s warm hospitality, and you’re going to experience the very best of Tbilisi in the following days. Arrival Day: (late afternoon arrival) The best introduction to a city is to look at it from above, it brings a map to life! We’re going … Read More

Tbilisi for Vegans & Vegetarians

Although we Georgians are fond of meat, we don’t get upset if you prefer vegan or vegetarian fare. There are plenty of vegan-friendly places in Tbilisi, and Georgian cuisine itself has a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes fit for any gourmand! I would like to introduce you to a … Read More

Natural Wonders of Georgia

Georgia is a country of diverse landscape, natural wonders, and unique richness. That is why it has come to the attention of growing numbers of visitors over the last few years. Because of the wonderful location in the Caucasus mountains, the climate in Georgia is ideal for tourism. Georgia offers … Read More

Street Book Market, Tbilisi

Georgian Culture in Books and Film

Many of you may still not know that Georgia is a country of an ancient culture with rich history and unique artefacts. It is located at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Civilizations, where the fusion of European and Asian lifestyles has been going on for millennia. It is impossible … Read More

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