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The Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik may be famous for its picturesque Old Town and mighty city walls but this guide to the best beaches in Dubrovnik is essential for anyone looking to swim in the turquoise waters that surround this historic city. Croatia is abundant in beautiful beaches and Dubrovnik couldn’t be an exception. So, let’s have a look at the best Dubrovnik beaches!

The Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

Banje Beach

Banje Beach is the closest beach to the Old Town, just in front of the eastern entrance to the Old Town – Ploce Gate. For this reason, Banje Beach is the most convenient to get to and it also has the best view of Dubrovnik’s walls. You can rent sun loungers and beach umbrellas there or you can simply find a spot for your beach towel on the pebbles. It is also possible to rent deck chairs and luxurious bamboo beds with sun canopies.

While on Banje Beach, you can get active, as there are several watersports to choose from, such as water skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, or tubing, Alternatively, you can join a panoramic speed boat ride or relax with a massage. Last but not least, right on the beach, there’s a stylish restaurant and a café – cocktail bar just above the beach.

Even though this is the most beautiful beach in Dubrovnik, it does get crowded during the peak summer months (June, July, and August). If you come to Dubrovnik during this time of the year, we would suggest only going to this beach in the early morning.

This is a panoramic view of Banje Beach with its turquoise waters and golden sand. In the background, the walled Old Town of Dubrovnik with the iconic red rooftops spreads in all its glory.
Banje Beach with its splendid views of Dubrovnik’s walled Old Town

Sv Jakov Beach

Locals love this beach, but it seems very few tourists know about it. To get to Sv Jakov Beach, head east from Ploce Gate and go past the former monastery. Then, take the long stairway leading down to this secluded beach. It’s a pebble and sandy beach with a stunning view of Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island, both of which seem close enough to touch from here.

When you’re tired of swimming and enjoying the deep blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, you can rent a kayak and explore the coastline. If speed is your thing, you can even rent a jet ski. If you’re just here to relax though, you can always enjoy doing nothing but soaking up the warm Mediterranean sun or taking cover in the shade of a beach bar.


Through the little door of St. Stjepan in the city walls, a view opens up to white rocks, the blue sea, and Lokrum Island in the direct vicinity. This door brings you to Buza, a bathing spot on the stony slopes under the city walls in the southern part of the city. If you ever come here, you will notice an ongoing trend – cliff jumping. People love to come here and challenge each other to jump from the rocks into the clear blue sea.

One of the best beaches in Dubrovnik, Buza is easily reached by taking any of the streets behind the Dubrovnik Cathedral. During the spring and summer months, a beach bar is open for cool refreshments to fight back the sweltering heat, and in the evening hours, the whole place is transformed into a romantic oasis, under the reddish flames of several torches.


The island of Lokrum is situated a 15-minute trip by boat from Dubrovnik. From the Old Town port, regular boats run to the island every hour during spring and autumn and every half hour during the summer.

Lokrum is a great choice to spend a whole day enjoying the sun and the sea. The island is a natural resort protected by the Croatian Academy of Art and Science, and you’ll find a botanical garden there with tropical and subtropical plants. On the highest peak, Forte Royale offers breathtaking views of Dubrovnik, Cavtat, and the island itself. Shaped like a five-pointed star, the fort was built by the French army in 1806.

Walking along scenic pathways, you can easily reach the old Benedictine monastery, preserved and partly restored into the Maximilian of Habsburg Palace in the 19th century. No vows or royal connections are required to get in there now since it has been converted into a restaurant, café bar, and a small Game of Thrones museum with a throne that was used for the filming of the show.

On the island, there is a small crystal clear lake linked with the open sea, called Mrtvo More – Dead Sea, an ideal place for children and non-swimmers to bathe in. You can find a cozy cocktail bar right next to the Dead Sea where you can relax in the shade and enjoy a drink of choice.

The whole shore of Lokrum is rocky, and the beaches are too, usually backing onto groves of pine trees. Bear in mind that there are several naturist and gay beaches, but there are plenty of secluded spots around the island that you’ll have entirely to yourself.

This image shows a small lake with green waters surrounded by rocks.
Croatia’s Dead Sea awaits in Lokrum

Cava Beach

Even though most travel guides and travel agencies list Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik as the best one, we advise against it. Copacabana Beach gets too crowded, the service is not the best, and the food and drinks are too expensive considering the quality. However, we recommend a beach that is right next to Copacabana – Cava Beach. One of the best beaches in Dubrovnik, Cava Beach is covered with pebbles and it has a beautiful view of the Elaphiti Islands.

While on Cava Beach, you can rent sunbeds and beach umbrellas for a day. There is also a restaurant and a beach bar there so if you don’t mind music during the day this is the place for you. The restaurant offers a selection of soft drinks, beers, wines, cocktails, and food. The beach is equipped with showers, changing cubicles, and toilets.

Please note that Cava Beach is more of a luxurious beach and because of that it is more on the pricey end, but the value for money is much better than on the other nearby beaches.

This image shows Cava Beach, one of the best beaches in Dubrovnik. There are several umbrellas, sun lounges and tables next to the turquoise waters.
A heaven-on-earth setting on Cava Beach

Are you planning a trip to Croatia soon and you’re eager to explore the best beaches in Dubrovnik? We’d love to create a customized Croatia itinerary just for you. Get in touch to find out more!

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  1. I wish I had read this info before going to Croatia! I loved the beaches for the water and the view but many of the ones I saw were very rocky. See my blog on Croatia-beaches!
    I would go back any time!

  2. Thanks for the info, we’re going here on our next trip and didn’t realise there were so many nice beaches around!!


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