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Our Favorite Restaurants in Dubrovnik

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View of the city walls from Restaurant Posat

We are often asked by guests to make recommendations on where to eat. Guide books can be useful but often the author of the guide hasn’t spent as long living in a destination as the JayWay Travel destination experts have. This, the first in a series of favorites posts, shares our favorite restaurants in Dubrovnik. Where possible we’ve provided web links to help you find more information about each of the places.

  1. PROTO, Siroka 1 – Old Town
    The best fish restaurant in Dubrovnik/established in 1886. Among its famous patrons the restaurant boasts Edward VIII, king of England, and Mrs. Simpson. A fine dining makeover has sealed Proto’s place atop our list.
  2. DUNDO MAROJE, Kovacka bb,Old Town
    Konoba Dundo Maroje is a tiny restaurant down one of the narrow streets leading north from the main street Stradun.
  3. POSAT, Posat, Pile Gate /just outside of Old Town
    One of the most beautiful views of Dubrovnik’s city walls with a wide menu of sea food and grilled meat.
  4. LOKANDA, Peskarija, Old Town
    Fish restaurant, situated under the city walls, with a great view of Dubrovnik Port
  5. KAMENICE, Gunduliceva Poljana 8
    Fresh sea food, and their speciality is fresh oysters (kamenice is Croatian for oysters, literally!), all at very fair prices. Kamenice’s not
  6. PIZZERIA MEA CULPA, Za Rokom, Old Town
    The best pizzeria in Dubrovnik, in our considered opinion. Situated in one of small streets. Big choice of pizza and salads.
  7. SPAGHETTERIA TONI, N. Bozidarevica 14
    Italian restaurant with a huge choice of pastas, lasagnes and salads
    On the City Walls, at the southern side of the City. Bar on the cliffs in the south of the city with a breathtaking vista. Not much food on offer but you’ll want to go for the view.

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