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Czech Philharmonic

Where to Buy Event Tickets in Europe

Once you’ve booked your European vacation package the next thing to do is work out what you’re doing with your spare time. We’re often asked by our guests where they can buy tickets for cultural events, festivals and concerts so we’ve compiled this list of the most comprehensive and official … Read More

2014: Riga’s Year in the Spotlight

In 2014 the cultural spotlight that is ‘European Capital of Culture’ turns to Riga, the capital of Latvia – one of the three Baltic states and a recent addition to our destination offering. Riga has a rich history as a city of culture in any case, with art galleries, theatres … Read More

A Visit to Rundale Palace

This 18th Century Baroque palace, reminiscent of Versailles, is just a little over an hour out of Riga and only a tiny detour on the main route between Riga and Vilnius or it can be visited as a day trip from Riga while you’re staying there. There’s an interesting story … Read More

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