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Where to Buy Event Tickets in Europe

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Once you’ve booked your European vacation package the next thing to do is work out what you’re doing with your spare time. We’re often asked by our guests where they can buy tickets for cultural events, festivals and concerts so we’ve compiled this list of the most comprehensive and official sites for buying event tickets online in most of the countries we cover.

Czech Philharmonic


Tickets for events at the Volksoper, Vienna State Opera and Burgtheater, among other venues that are part of the Austrian Federal Theatres organisation should be purchased from their official ticket partner, Culturall. In most other cases, such as the Vienna Boys Choir, Spanish Riding School and Vienna Philharmonic, tickets can be purchased direct through their websites (which is also the cheapest way to buy tickets, without extra handling fees). You will find the links to them in their individual listings this guide. For musicals or big-name concerts in arenas and stadiums, OeTicket or Wien Ticket are the best sites.


It seems tickets for most events going on in Croatia are sold through the Eventim site or by Ulaznice but should you not find what you’re looking for there, the venue or event website itself will usually have a link or info to where you can buy tickets.

Czech Republic

Tickets for most concerts, theatre and other events taking place throughout the Czech Republic are offered through these three sites, all of which have English language versions available:
TicketMaster – best for big name concerts, TicketStream – best for more alternative events, such as Prague Fringe, and various festivals and TicketArt – best for classical and opera

You can also buy tickets for events such as opera and ballet direct from the Czech National Theater website.


The Estonians have a reputation for singing at every available opportunity and they certainly like their concerts. Between Piletilevi for more local/cultural events and LiveNation for big name acts there are very few events taking place in Estonia that you can’t buy, unless sale is restricted just to the website of the venue itself.


In addition to buying direct from venue or event websites for the event you’re interested in, tickets for most major events taking place in Germany are you usually to be found on the Eventim site.


Between these various sites, and the links you’ll find on venue and event websites in the case of smaller less mainstream events, there’s not much going on in Hungary that you can’t buy a ticket for.
Ticket Express and Kulturinfo all have English language version available.


With nationwide coverage of events from classical and opera to rock concerts, TicketOne is a one-stop-shop for events tickets in Italy. If you can’t find it here however, you can usually buy tickets direct from the venue’s website.


Riga’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2014 means there’s a thriving live music and festival scene in the Latvia capital. Add to that a renowned opera house and you’re not likely to be short of things to fill your time there. If you want to book ahead, then the two sites to check are Bilesu Paradize which is best for more local events as well as being the official ticket sales partner for the Latvian National Opera and for mainstream/big-name acts, the ticketing provider tends to vary so it’s best to check the main tour site.


Tickets for most concerts, theatre and other events taking place throughout Lithuania are offered through either of
Biletai or Tiketa. Both have English versions available.


Tickets for big name concerts and popular events throughout the country are available through, TicketMasterEventim or LiveNation Poland, which all have English versions. For smaller events, the venue website will either sell directly or provide a link to a site where you can buy tickets.


Why not soak up a little culture on one of your evenings in Ljubljana? Tickets can be purchased directly from the websites of the venues:
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra
Opera in Balet
Ljubljana Castle
For most other events, the Eventim site is the best source of tickets.

Planning a trip to Europe? We’d love to put together a Europe travel package just for you. Get in touch to find out more!

Image credit: Czech Philharmonic

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