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#JayWayBalkans – Albania & Macedonia Press Trip

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In the first half of July 2016 we took a select group of travel writers and a videographer to Albania and Macedonia, two of our newest destination countries, as part of a project to show a wider audience just what they can expect when traveling there. This post will serve as a jumping off point for all the content that comes from the project.

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We stayed in Ksamil in the south of the Albanian Riviera, Gjirokastra, Tirana, Ohrid and Skopje during the trip.

Here’s our own trip report

Lance & Laura Longwell, Travel Addicts

Six Unexpected Highlights of a Trip to Albania – From Ksamil in the very south all the way up to the capital city Tirana, Albania’s full of surprises.

10 Great Ways to Spend a Weekend in Tirana – Lance had a couple of extra days in Tirana while the rest of the group were in Gjirokastra, here’s his guide to what to see and do in the Albanian capital.

Falling in Love with Lake Ohrid, Macedonia – “Any visitor to the Balkans should find a way to visit Lake Ohrid for at least a few days!”

Learning the Macedonian Spirit through a Cooking Class – “If you measure, it doesn’t taste good” should tell you all you need to know about this delicious cooking lesson.

11 Ways to Discover the Best of Macedonia – “All we knew about Macedonia was that it was somewhere near Greece. […] But, pretty quickly, we learned a lot about the great things to do in Macedonia and all the remarkable things to see there.”

Uncommon Vintages from an Unusual Destination – “As it turns out, Macedonian wine is excellent – and incredibly cheap. The wine tradition in this area is rumored to go back over 6,000 years. They certainly have the viticulture down to a science.”

Patti Morrow, Luggage & Lipstick

8 Places in Albania That Will Wow You – “Never, not in any of the 50+ countries and islands I’ve traveled to, have I experienced such a warm, enthusiastic welcome.”

7 Reasons Why You Will Love Macedonia – “If you are looking for a European destination that is scenic and affordable, quirky but friendly, has beaches, mountains, and vineyards….then look no further than Macedonia.”

Albanian Riviera: Affordable, Jaw-Dropping Beauty – “Much to the surprise of everyone who asks, Albania ranks at the top of my favorite countries in Europe, right up there with Croatia.” High praise indeed!

Why Albania Is A Great Destination For Wine Drinkers – As with the rest of the group, Patti particularly enjoyed our visit to a biodynamic farm outside of Tirana. Delicious wines and food in a peaceful setting.

Cooking Authentic Macedonian Food at Lake Ohrid – “I doubt any of us would ever forget our quirky cooking class and the feisty host who made it one of my favorite days in Macedonia.”

Petra Voračková, Restless Child

Highlights of Albania – Two minutes of video that’ll have you packing your bags for Albania in record time.

And here’s a highlight reel of video we shot with Phantom 4 flying camera we traveled with.

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