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Off-the-beaten-track Prague

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The square mile or so of Prague’s city centre can feel a little crowded in the peak of tourist season, so here’s our guide to a few things that are less frequented but still worth a visit:

A. Vyšehrad

This site of Prague’s oldest castle is now a national monument. The walled in area atop a hill above the Vltava contains a park, basilica, cemetery, museum exhibitions, cafe’s, restaurants and a beer garden.

To get here you can walk up from the river, or take the Metro to Vysehrad station. Once there walk around the ramparts for views south along the Vltava, or north, across to Prague Castle, and be thankful for the fact that you’re not in the thong on Charles Bridge.

This is a pleasant place for an afternoon stroll or for a picnic. If you didn’t come prepared, then the beer garden, with its expertly manned grill will sort out your refreshment needs.

B. Vinični Altan

Tucked away in a corner of Prague 2 is a vineyard and at the top of the vineyard is Vinični Altan. Best reached by taking a tram to either Otakarova and walking up the hill in the park, or to Krymska, and approaching from above. Vinicni Altan is part cafe part wine bar. In summer the wooden gazebo like structure provides shade while you take in the skyline of outer-Prague and taste some of the wine produced from the grapes grown beneath you on the hillside. Other wines are available if you don’t find Prague’s finest up to scratch.

C. Stromovka Park

In the same part of Prague as bustling Letna Park (must be that view) is the less busy Stromovka. My favourite entrance point is from the Vystaviste tram stop (Vystaviste means ‘exhibition grounds’ so there’s an exhibition hall as well as a number of other attractions there, such as Krizikova Fountain, Prague Planetarium, a wooden Globe theatre style construction, the National Museum’s Lapidarium and out back, Lunar Park, an old-school fun fair). The park is often awash with rollerbladers and you can hire a pair yourself if that’s your thing. In the park are some small lakes and a couple of restaurants.

D. Letohradek Hvězda (Star Summer Palace)

Take tram 22 right out to Bila Hora (literally White Mountain, though more of a hill really) and get off two stops from the end of the line at Vypich. From there enter the Obora Hvezda game preserve (founded by Emperor Ferdinand I) and walk up the gentle slope to the top of the hill where you’ll find the Star Summer Palace, built in the shape of a six-pointed star between 1555 and 1558 and a national monument since 1962. Inside you will find permanent exhibitions about the Battle of White Mountain and the history of the Summer Palace itself as well as occasional temporary exhibitions.

E. TV Tower

Though you can see it from almost anywhere in Prague with an unobstructed view of the skyline, a surprisingly small number of people venture out to, and up, the TV Tower. If you do you’ll be rewarded with a high-flying birds eye view of the city. Read more in this post about Prague’s towers.

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