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Vilnius Railway Museum

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If you find yourself with some time to kill at Vilnius Train Station, you could do worse then spend 30-60 minutes checking out the Railway Museum, thoughtfully located right at the station. The indoor exhibition is in the station building itself, on the 1st floor and the outdoor section is on the eastern end of platform 1. You have to go upstairs to buy your ticket before visiting the outdoor part of the museum. Even if you don’t have a train to catch, if you’re into transport history then it’s worth a visit in any case.

The indoor section houses railway parts, signalling equipment, station equipment, signs and posters as well as several model train sets, a great diversion for the kids.

Outside you’ll find a steam locomotive, various Soviet era trains, special-use vehicles and engines all set out on tracks, some with a recreation of a platform between them.


Vilnius Railway Museum is open Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm. Entry is 4 Litas. There is a free left luggage facility in the museum, so even considering the entrance fee it’s cheaper than the paid-for left luggage service located in the passage under the platforms.

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