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Warsaw’s Must-See Museums

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Warsaw is an irrepressible city with a history that has spanned from triumph to tragedy. Emerging from communism to become one of the most vibrant destinations in Central Europe, Warsaw has a little of everything, from excellent dining to great jazz clubs. But this is also a fantastic place for visiting museums, as there seems to be one around every corner. We’ve decided to narrow it down for you, so here’s our list of Warsaw’s must-see museums.

Arts & Culture

The Neon Museum

Started by two locals with a passion for Warsaw’s Cold War culture, The Neon Museum has quickly become a national treasure and one of the highlights of any holiday. This collection of vintage neon lights and photographs gives you a visceral appreciation of the city’s past. It’s nostalgic kitsch here, located in a former factory that has been converted into Soho Factory, Praga, the city’s arts and culture center. This is certainly one of the city’s most unique museums.

Address: Ul. Minska 25, Warsaw 03-808, Poland
Phone Number: +48 665 711 635
If you’re looking to learn more about Polish art history, this is definitely the best place to start. Warsaw’s National Museum has a huge collection of art from Poland and around the world, including paintings, photos, coins, sculptures and other artefacts from ancient times to the present day. One of the oldest art museums in the country, the National Museum is currently housed in an impressive Modernist building that dates back to 1938. You could spend hours wandering through the halls here, examining works of art from eras past and getting a real feel for Poland’s rich culture.
Address: Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, Warsaw 00-495, Poland
Phone Number: +48 22 629 30 93
A fun, interactive museum that’s great for families or anyone looking for something out of the ordinary, the Copernicus Science Center not only hosts numerous science-themed exhibits, they also fund scientific research and are on the forefront of Poland’s status as a center for learning and technology. This is the perfect place for the curious, as you can touch and even go inside of many of the exhibits. Along with the permanent collection, you’ll also find short-term exhibitions and even events like jazz concerts. It’s a great place to visit all year round, but check their website to see what’s on the schedule before you go.
Address: ul. Wybrzeze Kosciuszkowskie 20, Warsaw 00-390, Poland
Phone Number: +48 22 596 41 00

History & Politics

The Warsaw Uprising Museum

Warsaw’s uprising was long and brutal, lasting between August 1 and October 2, 1944 and resulting in the destruction over 85% of the city. This museum commemorates the bravery and determination, as well as the suffering, of the Polish resistance Home Army and the population of Warsaw as a whole. The death toll on the Polish military and the civilian population was over 200,000, all this while the Red Army waited outside the city limits, something the Poles still haven’t forgiven the Russians for. The museum is the best place to learn more about this tragedy.

Address: ul. Grzybowska 79, Warsaw 00-844 , Poland
Phone Number: +48 22 539 79 05
Almost unaffected by the recent economic crisis, Poland invested in several landmark museums which have opened recently, chief among them the POLIN. A strikingly modern, yet warm, design (pictured at the top of this article), this museum covers 1,000 years of Jewish history in Poland, and stands next to the Warsaw Memorial. Its chief attractions are the richly-decorated full-scale reproductions, from portions of synagogues to segments of living areas.
Address: 6 Anielewicza Street, Warsaw 00-157, Poland
Phone Number: +48 22 471 03 01
The movie The Zookeeper’s Wife told the world the story of the Żabiński’s heroic efforts to shelter Jews during WWII. Recently restored to its 1930s appearance, it’s a veritable time capsule and provides a beautiful place to reflect on the triumph of humanity over evil. Visiting isn’t the easiest (appointments should be made in advance for groups and individuals can only visit without reservation on the first Sunday of the month).
Address: ul. Ratuszowa 1/3 03-461, Warsaw, Poland
Phone Number: +48 603 059 758
One of the oldest palaces in Poland, this former residence of King Jan III (1629-1696) is ornately alluring. The palace and surrounding gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, and there’s also an excellent museum with numerous collections of artefacts from Poland’s royal past. History and art come together in this fantastic museum, making it one of Warsaw’s most popular attractions.
Address: ul. Stanislawa Kostki Potockiego 10/16,Warsaw 02-958, Poland
Phone Number: 48 22 54 42 700
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