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Where To Go For The Rest of 2022?

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Got some use-it-or-lose-it vacation days weighing on your mind? Or a serious case of wanderlust? Here’s our best advice on where to go for the remainder of 2022.


September sees some of the most pleasant weather across Europe – summer heatwaves have passed, for coastal destinations, the water is still warm, and in the cities, cultural events are plentiful. For the coast, head to Albania and Turkey. For cities, the Central Europe quartet of Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Krakow always has plenty to offer. It’s also the last month of pleasant weather in the Baltic region, and Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania make for an excellent three-country trip.

This is an aerial view of the red rooftops in the medieval heart of Tallinn.
The rooftops of Tallinn’s medieval old town


Throughout October, you can still look forward to decent weather in Croatia and the Balkans, or in Turkey. Want to head off the beaten path? Wine-lovers mecca Georgia and its Caucasus neighbors Azerbaijan and Armenia are well worth a look. As fall takes hold in Central Europe and days get shorter, it’s the perfect time for a trip that focuses on the arts. Spend big on opera in Vienna, or stay budget-friendly in Prague and Budapest.

This is a panoramic shot of Hvar in Croatia. In the foreground, there's a castle that overlooks the red rooftops of the seaside town below.
Hvar Town, Croatia. Calm after the summer rush.


Traditionally one of the quietest months for travel in Europe, November is very much a low season. Many coastal and island destinations wind down, with restaurants and hotels taking a well-earned break. But if you’re more interested in historical, food, and cultural experiences in the cities, it can be a great time to take advantage of low-season rates practically everywhere.

This image shows Piazza Duomo in Siracusa, Sicily, on a sunny day. There are people walking around the square.
Piazza Duomo in Siracusa, Sicily, the heart of the historic center

The crowds in Italy and Greece subside by mid-October, and though we can’t promise you’ll have places to yourself, it’ll be a lot less busy than May through September. Paris and southern France can be wonderful at this time of year too. Late November is also when Europe’s Christmas markets come roaring into life. You won’t even miss out on Thanksgiving turkey if you’re somewhere like Prague, where the large expat community ensures there are always a few places to celebrate.


Many cities all over Europe are looking forward to finally welcoming back Christmas Markets to their squares in full force. Germany and Austria are the stars, but Prague, Budapest, and Krakow are worth your time too. Further north, there’s more chance of a white Christmas in the Baltic States and a guarantee if you include Santa’s hometown in Lapland, north Finland, in your Baltic winter tour.

This is the image of an ice-skating rink from above. The skating rink is situated in the heart of a Christmas market. There are quite a few people skating and a lot more watching.
Skating rink at a Berlin Christmas Market

Planning for 2023?

If all your 2022 travel is squared away and you’re eager to explore Europe once more in 2023, there’s no better time than the present to lock in your dates for next year.

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