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Guest Trip Reports – Write for JayWay

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JayWay Guests in MostarOur guests tell us in their post-trip feedback surveys that they have a great time on their JayWay Travel vacation. We love to hear this but in order to give potential guests a true taste of what it’s like to travel with JayWay we are creating a section on our blog for Guest Trip Reports.

If you’ve traveled with JayWay (or you’ve got a vacation booked with us) then pay close attention:

We want your trip reports!

All qualifying(1) submissions will be rewarded with a $50 JayWay Travel Gift Certificate and every six months, the most popular(2) trip report that we publish on the blog will be rewarded with a donation of $250 to charity in your name, to the charity of your choice from our shortlist of local and international charities, to be announced soon.

1. What do we mean by “qualifying”?

Length – minimum 500 words, but feel free to write as much as you need.
Photographs – at least 1, but the more the better

Trip reports work best in the form of a journal, breaking your trip up into its various sections, and sharing with fellow travellers your favourite places.

2. Define popular?

The most popular post will be measured by the total number of social votes (such as Facebook Likes, Twitter mentions, Google +1s, StumbleUpon and Reddit shares) that a report has received at 30 days after publication.


We’re not keen on overly long terms & conditions so we’ll keep this simple:

Copyright: by submitting a trip report you give us a non-exclusive right to use the text and images you submit on our website, in print, email communications and on social media sites such as Facebook. If your report has already been published somewhere else on the web then we will need to check the copyright implications with that site.

Editorial control: we reserve the right to edit submissions for legibility, brevity, language and profanity. In the event that we edit the text of your trip report we will send a draft to you for approval before we publish.

How to submit:

You can send us the text and images of your report in almost any kind of electronic form: email with attachments, plain text files, Word or Pages files. Send your submissions directly to [email protected]

1 thought on “Guest Trip Reports – Write for JayWay”

  1. I am happy to have a chance to comment on the services I received from Jayway Travel during a trip in September and October 2011. I am a professional photographer documenting historic buildings for University libraries and needed to arrange a rather complicated trip thorugh eastern Europe for my assistant and me. We wanted to travel by first class night sleeper trains wherever possible between Strasburg, France, and Bucharest, Romania, and see Prague, Wroclaw, Krakow, Budapest along the way.

    Jay arranged everything, from train tickets to really splendid, spotlessly clean apartments, in each case located perfectly in the center of things in good, safe neighborhoods. All transfers from Train stations to our apartment and back to the train station were included. Everything worked as smoothly as possible with no problems anywhere during the entire trip over several weeks. And I found that the value received for the money paid far exceeded my expectations.

    I have travelled all over the world professionally for many years using many agencies to arrange complicated itineraries and I have never found better value or service anywhere. I will say that at first I was a little hesitant about sending a substantial chunk of money to someone I had never met and to whom I had no personal referal or introduction. I found Jay’s website and on the surface everything looked good, too good to be true, so I was skeptical. Anyone can set up a website that says anything and then take your money. But, I kept reading reviews in other places and eventually was convinced that this was a legitimate business with lots of happy customers (and one or two not so happy as one would expect anywhere). So I decided to take a leap of faith and send the money along. I must say that I certainly am glad that I did. I got more for my money than I could have anywhere else, everything was as promised, and better than expected. So I give Jay my full recommendation to anyone wanting to travel to or visit the places he serves. I will use his service again during my next trip to Eastern Europe.

    Dr. James B. Kiracofe, Albemarle County, Virginia


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