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10 Spots for Grabbing a Beer in Berlin

As the quirky capital of the Germans, you’d expect Berlin to have a few decent spots to drink. And you’d be more than right. Here you’ll find a variety of popular spots for a brew or two, from a venerable ballroom to the banks of a canal to several rooftops, … Read More

Karlinske Namesti

Where the locals go: Karlin, Prague 8

Burst out of the tourist bubble & mix with locals in Karlín, the phoenix neighborhood that rebounded from a 100 year flood to be one of the city’s hotspots.

Isar River

A Walk along Munich’s Isar River

Munich is a city famous for its beerhalls, markets and vibrant urban atmosphere. But many visitors don’t realize that just beyond the cobblestones, Munich also offers beautiful natural landscapes. Munich’s Isar River runs practically through the center of the city and offers numerous diversions for travelers looking to trade the streets for … Read More

Expert Interview: Evan Rail

Evan Rail is one of the world’s foremost beer writers and a regular contributor to the New York Times ’36 Hours In…’ series of travel articles. I first started reading his restaurant reviews in the no-longer-in-print Prague Post back in the early 2000s, He’s still based in Prague but travels all … Read More

Der Pschorr beerhall

3 Munich Beer Halls that Aren’t the Hofbräuhaus

Oktoberfest gets underway soon but you don’t need to confine your indulgence to just a one month period of drinking in tents. If you are a beer lover, or even just enjoy experiencing traditional atmospheres while travelling, visiting one of Munich’s many beer halls is a must. The most famous … Read More

Chef Time Fest Lamb Tenderloin

Prague’s Best Fests

Not to be outdone by the selection of festivals taking place in Budapest, Prague’s got a packed calendar of great events to entice you to visit or, schedule willing. fill your days if you’ve already made your plans. You may notice a dead-zone from late July until the end of … Read More

Charisma at Cloud 9

Prague’s Best Bars

Prague is awash with pubs and bars and besides the ubiquitous beer-centric establishments there are also several cocktail and wine bars of note. Here are our picks, in no particular order: Cocktail bars Tretter’s New York Cocktail bar – a self-styled New York bar. A stalwart of the Prague bar … Read More

Beer Spa

New Day Trips and Tours for Prague

Winter might be a quiet time for tourism in Prague but it doesn’t mean our Central Europe team gets to take it easy. This year we’ve readied a whole load of new tours and day trips for our guests to enjoy. Feedback from past guests telling us they much prefer … Read More

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